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Georges Krassovsky

 Here a text that circulates on the sites to the USA and Canada 

White flags against the war!

	In view of the ongoing massive war preparations of the US-government

against Irak, it is time now for a worldwide visible sign of protest

against this war.

	Beginning on november 15th until the end of this year, we will show

with white fabrics on the windows of our appartments in all villages

and cities of all countries worldwide our clear NO against the

ongoing warmongering.

	This easy to realize demonstration has no center and is not bound to

any ideology or political party. It will find highest attention in

all our streets and in all media and thus demonstrate clearly the

profound disagreement of the largest part of humanity against this


	For worldwide communication, please send this message to all of your

friends. And from november 15th fix a white fabric on the lower frame

of all your windows.

For more privacy: Copy this text into the body of your email-form and

copy any adresses only into the Bcc (blind carbon copy) of your

mailing-program. Thank you.






Yes currently there is a happy man in France, it is George Krassovsky.

He sees, indeed, a beginning of the realization of an idea which is close to his heart and which he seeks to promote for about thirty years. His idea is very simple. It is a question of expressing our common will of peace by the means of  white color, by raising white ribbons, by sticking white rectangles at his windows and at his front door , coming to the gatherings and  demonstrations with white flags. The white color is perceived by all as a symbol of peace and he who adopts it shows, that he is for peace and against any violence. A kind of referendum without ballot box, for a world without weapons. And as we are majority everywhere not to accept the wars anymore and that all the countries are so called “democratic”. ..

The proposed action includes many advantages: it is both simple and spectacular , it costs practically nothing, it needs no organization. It is enough to transmit the instruction and to give the example. The only disadvantage of this action was  until now unusual and that it has had such difficulty in imposing itself on a large scale. But is George has insisted in promoting  it and has continued giving out  his leaflets which are translated into several languages in the four corners of the planet and here one has the impression  that finally it is starting off! -  you could see many white flags emerging on the day of the demonstration in Florence, a White Network is forming itself in France, of many sites in the USA and Canada speaking about “White flags against the war in Iraq”, . In France several Internet sites also act in favour of the White Revolution and in particular:

-         FRATERNET :



The adress of Georges KRASSOVSKY :
E, 3 rue de Châtillon 75014 Paris  FRANCE                 

  RR 5 12 02








The Charter for the III rd Millenium consists in making a radical break with the past: men must stop killing one other for whatever reason ! Concretly, this implies the following 7 points:

1) Formal outlawing of the production, sale and use of weapons (a step which must be taken in conjuction with the conversion of war industries to factories producing consumer goods).

2) Compulsory surrender and destruction of all existing weapons (except those which will be exhibited in museums of horrors, so that future generations should know what they have escaped from).

3) Suppression of national armies. This is a measure  of public safety required in order to enable an increase in the numbers of “ custodians of the peace”, in charge of seeing to the security of all citizens. In a society in which weapons are prohibited this should be a relatively easy task.

4) Constitution of a supranational police in charge of fighting terrorists, arms and drug traders. These policemen will also act all over the world wherever Human Rights will not enforced.

5) Use of all budgets refered to as “ defence budgets “ - henceforth released tot other purposes – for the definitive eradication of misery and the restoration of the environment, which has already suffered gravely from pollution and destruction of different sorts. According to experts, less that half of global military expenditure would be required for this purpose.

6) Children's education based on respect for life and humain dignity in order to train then to become independent and to respect one another.

7) In the course of all future elections and in all countries, votes should be cast only in favour of candidates having approved the present Charter and who undertake to conform to it in their actions as well as in their words.

It must be agreed that all this does not constitute idle wishes, nor “officialese” but perfectly achievable measures which could make it possible to start the 3nd Millenium under favourables auspices.


Georges Krassovsky - LE NOUVEL HUMANISME - 3 rue de Châtillon 75014 Paris France            









The Pact of the Year 2000



 ·         If you abhor all forms of violence.

·         If therefore you wish that men would stop killing each other in wars, whatever the "justifications”.

·         If you consider it absurd to spend enormous sums of money on weapons and the upkeep of armies and that the money would be better spent on education, removing pollution and eradicating poverty.


Then DARE to express it individually for all to see, just with small white paper rectangles 4 cm x 6 cm that you can cut out and stick on your front door, your windows and even the windscreen and rear window of your car end on your shop window. Wherever it is visible, it will mean that you support the Pact of the Year 2000 declaring that every human life is sacred. The important thing is to do it now and not wait for others to start.  

       However, this‑ is just a prelude to a wider demonstration. As we draw nearer to the year 2000, that is after December 21, 1999 (the last winter solstice before the year 2000), these small rectangles will have to be replaced eve­rywhere (except on cars so as not to impede visibility) by white sheets of paper of standard 21 x 29.7 cm dimensions, so that the ”vote" becomes spectacular. Until then, other ways of expressing our wish will surely develop, using the color white as a symbol of Peace: flags, fanions, streamers, banners, balloons, badges, ribbons. Etc. A tremendous white tidal wave showing Indisputably the common aspiration: for Peace, true Peace, Peace without weapons!

      The obvious advantage of this action is that no organization and practically no expense are involved. There is no need to be a member of any group or sign any petition. It is merely a simple gesture, if carried out in a massive way on all latitudes, it would have an enormous psychological effect and radically change the moral atmosphere of the planet. The fate of the world is now in the hands of each one of us!


N.B. : The address of the coordination center for actions in favor of the Pact of the Year 2000 is as follows: LE NOUVEL HUMANISME, 3 rue de Châtillon 75014 Paris ( France) 


Reel Peace, valid for nations as for individuals, can only be built on a morality explicitly forbidding the killing of any human being for any motive whatsoever.  





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